Welcome to ComputerPro

Established in 1987, ComputerPro is an IT Management Consulting and enterprise software development company. We utilise highly trained staff and state of art technology to provide the best solutions from project inception through final implementation.

In October 2014, ComputerPro became part of Unilink Software, a UK based company specialising in software applications and systems for the Justice sector (www.unilink-software.co.uk/services).

ComputerPro has a culture that thrives on innovation and efficiency. We remain dedicated to keeping up with industry standards and new technologies. Our years of experience have shown us that the quality of service we provide is directly tied to our attention to detail. We know that as an IT firm we'll always be only as good as our people and level of innovation.

Today’s workplace changes at a rapid rate. With every new day come new challenges, and tighter constraints on staff. ComputerPro was formed to deliver greater returns on our client's Information Technology investments by providing them with expert strategic advice, quality software solutions, and quality people.


“Our mission is to improve our clients’ return on their investments in Information Technology.” Chris Davies B.AppSc (Computer Science) founder and Managing Director